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Sundance® SunPurity™ Plus Water Enhancer 1.5L 6473-704

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Sundance® SunPurity™ Plus Water Enhancer 1.5L 6473-704

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Sundance® SunPurity™ Plus Water Enhancer 1.5L

SunPurity™ Plus Water Enhancer is an effective formula that works hard to help keep your spa water clean and balanced longer. Simplifies water care while improving sanitizer and CLEARRAY® performance. Strong enough to protect spa shell and equipment yet gentle on skin. Use in conjunction with your current water management system for clean, clear water.


  • Simplifies water care
  • Compatible with popular sanitizers and SunPurity™ Minerals
  • Improves CLEARRAY® system performance
  • Enhances equipment efficiency by targeting scale and scum line formation

How to use:

  • Balance the spa water. The unique formula works to lock in the alkalinity in the water
pH            7.2-7.6
Calcium Hardness    200-400ppm
Total Alkalinity (TA)    80-120ppm
  • After balancing the water, add the dosage that is recommended on the bottle
 <250 gal - 6 oz.
251-350 gal - 7 oz. 
351-450 gal - 10 oz.
451-550 gal - 13 oz.
551-600 gal - 14 oz.

NET CONTENTS: 1.5L, 33.8 Fluid Ounces

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