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Jacuzzi® ProClassic Filter Cartridge J200 Series Replacement Filter 6541-853

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Jacuzzi® ProClassic Filter Cartridge J200 Series Replacement Filter 6541-853

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Rev K+ Jacuzzi® J200 Series Replacement Filter 

Fits 3/2023+ Jacuzzi® J-200 Collection Hot Tubs. Will not fit any models before 3/23.


When it comes to your hot tub, the replacement of filters is a crucial part of regular maintenance, playing a vital role in maintaining clear and clean water. As the most recognizable name in the hot tub industry, Jacuzzi® has carefully selected top-tier suppliers to create our filter cartridges, adhering to strict specifications for both filtering efficiency and compatibility with your hot tub's filtration system. Genuine Jacuzzi® Filters are exclusively available through your authorized Jacuzzi® retailer, who is readily available to address any water care questions you may have.

Using non-Jacuzzi® branded components can potentially compromise the quality of your spa. Unauthorized parts and/or accessories may lead to damage to your hot tub, potentially voiding the warranty.


Over time, you'll observe a change in the appearance of your hot tub filters, as they may discolor and accumulate dirt. This is a result of their role in capturing oils and contaminants present in your hot tub water. Jacuzzi® Hot Tubs primarily employ two types of filters, based on your specific hot tub model.

1. Pleated cartridge filters, utilized in all models, are crafted from a durable folded paper-like material. These filters can be cleaned by soaking them in a filter cleaning solution and rinsing them with a garden hose to keep them in optimal condition. It's recommended to perform this maintenance regularly, about once a month, with replacements needed approximately every 12-18 months. Maintaining a spare set of pleated filters for rotation enables you to clean your filters without having to drain the spa. Operating the spa without filters properly installed is not advised, as it can cause particles to enter the equipment and plumbing.

2. Featured in Jacuzzi® J-500™, J-400™, and J-LX™ collection models, is a compact, dense microfiber filter resembling a top hat. This disposable filter, housed within the canister connected to the smaller pleated cartridge filter, cannot be effectively cleaned by rinsing. By the time the water reaches this filter in your hot tub, it has already passed through the pleated filter and no longer contains larger particles. Due to the fine fibers, rinsing it with hose water will only introduce metals and mineral particles commonly found in tap water to the filter. In order to maximize your hot tub's filtration system, it is advisable to replace this filter every 3-4 months or after every drain.

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