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Jacuzzi At Ease Kit

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Jacuzzi At Ease Kit

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The Jacuzzi At Ease kit with Smartchlor technology makes hot tub water care easier than ever. Made specifically for your Jacuzzi Brand Hot Tub or Sundance Spa, these cartridges snap into the grey holder on the outside of your filter (standard on 2021 Jacuzzi & Sundance models, cartridge holder available separately for 2001+ LX, J300, J400, J500, 780, 880, & 980 Series Hot Tubs).

The Jacuzzi At Ease kit includes the following: 1 – Bottle of @Ease Test Strips 1 – Jump Start Chlorine Packet 1 – @Ease Mineral Cartridge 1 – SmartChlor Cartridge

Here is our recommendation for the cleanest, softest water possible:

Upon fill up:

  1. Add @ease SmartChlor System to water and set dial • Set dial to #4 for 200-350 gallons • Set dial to #5 for 350-450 gallons • Set dial to #6 for 450-600 gallons
  2. Add 2oz of chlorine granules directly to water
  3. Adjust Ph as necessary with Spa Up or Spa Down
  4. Add full packet of TRIO Enhanced Water Softener directly into water and run jets for 20 minutes

Weekly Maintenance:

  1. Check Ph with Test Strip and adjust as necessary
  2. Add one packet of Weekly Softener & Clarifier directly to water

As needed:

  1. Add 2-6 oz. of Water Clarifier if water is cloudy
  2. Add 2 oz. of Anti-Foam if water is excessively foamy

Every 3 Weeks:

  1. Remove filters from the spa. Rinse filters thoroughly and reinstall them into the spa.
  2. Replace @ Ease Smartchlor cartridge

Every 3-4 months:

  1. Add a full packet of TRIO Fresh Start and run jets on high for 20 minutes
  2. Remove filters from the spa. Coat thoroughly with of Filter Cleaner Spray and allow filters to soak for at least 15 minutes. Rinse filters thoroughly and reinstall them into the spa.
  3. Apply 303 Fabric Guard to cover to protect from UV rays
  4. Replace ProClarity filter 6473-161 if applicable
  5. Refill spa and refer to the Upon fill-up portion above


  1. Replace Clearray Bulb & clean quartz tube. (UV light sanitizer, refer to owners manual for directions)
  2. Replace pleated filters every year, even if they still look mostly white.

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