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Jacuzzi 6000-383a Filter

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Jacuzzi 6000-383a Filter

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J-300 Collection Filter 6000-383a for Jacuzzi Brand Hot Tubs. Fits all J-300 Collection models built 2002+
Jacuzzi J-300 Hot Tub Filter Part # 6000-383a

This is a genuine, 100% OEM Jacuzzi® Brand hot tub filter is designed to keep your Jacuzzi Hot Tub functioning at its highest capability. Top twist cap removable to accommodate the Jacuzzi ProClear Mineral Sanitizer.  The life span of the Jacuzzi 6000-383a filter is designed to be replaced every 12 to 18 months for the cleanest water.

15.45″ High x 6.75″ Diameter w/ 2.225″ Hole. Includes twist cap.

Fits all 2002+ 300 series models including:

  • J-310 & J-315
  • J-320 & J-325
  • J-330 & J-335
  • J-340 & J-345
  • J-350 & J-355
  • J-360 & J-365
  • J-370 & J-375
  • J-380 & J-385

Also compatible with all 2011-2015 Jacuzzi LX Collection Hot Tubs.

These filters, like all pleated, Remay filters, are designed to be replaced every 12-18 months. Why do you ask? As a filter like the 600-383a ages, a couple of different things can happen. While the material can break down, it obviously can stop filtering as efficiently as it once did. More often than not, however, your filter can become clogged with calcium deposits. These deposits are white which is the same color as the filter element leaving some to believe their filter is clean even though it is not. This can create stress on your pump and cause the pre-mature failure of a motor, sensor, or more.  Sign up for our auto-ship program today and never forget to replace your 6000-383a Jacuzzi Hot Tub filters again!

Each 6000-383a J-300 Collection hot tub requires 2 filters. New part number 6000-383a replaces 6540-476, 6ch-960, FC-2800, 6541-383, and PJW60TL-F2S.

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